Egg-free Mayonnaise

Many of us have developed sensitivities and/or allergies to eggs. Or perhaps you limit eggs given the poor quality of commercially available eggs, concerns over salmonella, and/or concerns over PCBs and other contaminants in chicken feed.

These are all valid concerns. Unfortunately, one concern that dramatically caused us to reduce our egg consumption was concern over high cholesterol. That one is nonsense, read here. We need cholesterol, if we don’t get enough of it from our diet then our liver will make even more of it. In other words, it is backwards to attempt to lower your cholesterol by eliminating cholesterol-containing foods from your diet; in fact–and especially if you use starchy or high carbohydrate foods instead–you may raise your cholesterol.

Truthfully, the absolute best eggs you can get are local, organic, and free range. If the hens are not free range then they are often given grains that cause as many health problems for the chickens as they do us. If the hens (and eggs) are not organic then they are likely given low quality (potentially contaminated) feed as well as hormones, antibiotics, and more.

Even if you love your eggs, you might enjoy this delicious version of mayonnaise.


⅓ cup of cashews
½ cup of warm water
3-6 Tbs almond milk (must say Unsweetened on the box or has added cane sugar. Blue Diamond brand is available at most stores in Anchorage)
2-3 Tbs lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
¼ tsp sea salt
¼ tsp paprika
⅓ tsp dry mustard
¼-⅓ cup olive oil (or avocado, or grapeseed if olive tastes too strong)
⅓ tsp raw honey (otional)
arrowroot (optional)


1. Soak cashews in water for a few hours to soften them, drain.

2. Drain the cashews and place in a Magic Bullet or food processor with the almond milk. Process until creamy using just enough milk to keep it thick (the amount may depend on how long you soaked the cashews–you want a paste).

3. Add the lemon juice and spices. Pulse to combine.

4.Taste and adjust the spices adding the honey if you wish. Remember, raw or unpasteurized fresh honey does not have the inflammatory properties of cane sugar in any form. Maple syrup is probably a good sweetener also and will add its own flavor.

5. Add a small amount of olive oil at a time and pulse to blend. Keep adding olive oil until it has the thickness you want.

6. If it is too thin for your liking, you can add ⅓-1 tsp of arrowroot flour to thicken (available in bags in the Bob’s Red Mill flour section).

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