Zucchini Chips

crispy zucchini chipsIngredients:

6 Zucchini
½ cup Tamari (wheat free and organic or it is probably GMO)
½ tsp cayenne (or to taste)
1 tsp garlic powder


1. Wash and thinly slice the zucchini.
2. In a bowl big enough to hold all the zucchini slices, mix together the tamari and spices.
3. Add the zucchini slices and mix together.
4. Let marinate for several hours, remixing occasionally to make sure all the zucchini are coated.
5. Spread the slices onto dehydrator trays; do not overlap.
6. Put the dehydrator on a medium setting, about 120o.
7. After about 4 hours, rearrange the trays so that the heat is evenly distributed and continue drying.
8. When dry and crispy, pop the slices off the trays and place in ziplock bags to store. Will store well probably for months but they never make it that long unless I hide them.

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