Snacks, School Lunch, & Treats

Our consumption of sugar has increased nearly 1000-fold since a 1923 US Farmers Bulletin recommended one pound of sugar per person per day. The experts are right, we do need to dramatically reduce our sugar consumption given its negative affects on behavior and health. Yet we continue to find sugar added to everything on the store shelves, even “plain” organic chicken broth!!

This snacks and treats category may be the most important. When we think of meals, we usually think protein and vegetables. However, in between meals when we reach for a quick something to stave off our hunger, we may be making the worst choices: cookies, commercial “energy bars” that are laden with sugars (so little of the protein is absorbed), chips and dips, etc.
Our children have grown used to receiving a reward in the form of going out for ice cream, candy from their teacher, more cookies… surely we can ask them what they might like for a reward. For good grades, my son loves being taken ice skating, given an extra 15 minutes of recess, have a sleepover… just some ideas.
Use this section wisely, although the sources of sugar are not refined, these are still higher in sugars so moderation is key. These recipes are not made with cane sugar or high fructose corn syrup, nor do they involve wheat or other grains. Overall, they are better choices but they should still be considered treats, extras, and consumed in moderation.

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