“safe” GMOs increase cancer rates and death!

Although many of us take steps to avoid genetically modified foods if we can (labeling would be nice); there are three major uses of GMO products that slip under the radar:

  1. Pet food
  2. “Vitamin” supplements
  3. non-organic grain fed meats and eggs

Major supplement companies use GMO sources: Did you know that most “Vitamin C” (called that, isn’t the whole complex though–usually just ascorbic acid part which doesn’t work alone), did you know most Ascorbic Acid (labelled “vitamin C”) is made from corn? And did you know that in the US 88% of all corn is GMO?

Buying whole food organic supplements is just as important (if not more) than buying clean whole food. With food and whole-food supplements, your body takes what it needs; with chemically-derived supplements, your body is forced to react just like any other drug–except we don’t call these drugs in our thinking and synthetic vitamin manufacturers (mostly drug companies) know this and capitalize on it. In fact, they can call just about anything “natural” as long as the starting ingredients were.

I digress. Check out this research. In groundbreaking research, lab rats fed diets of GMO corn died faster, developed various tumors and these were far more aggressive, affected females more, produced liver toxicity… Abstract is here if you like this sort of thing

Do something:

  1. Call your supplement brand and ask if they ever source from GMO crops. Ask them point blank, and post the result in my comments section, in your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, everywhere. Blast it out, get it out there. Force companies to change or lose sales. Force them to begin sourcing 100% non-GMO or face massive customer loyalty changes.
  2. Buy fresh food locally and cook it yourself (premade foods have ingredients slipped in that are GMO – like corn starch for example – like the ideas I’ve posted and will continue to post: sign up to receive notification) or at least buy organic of the top GMO foods: salmon, pet food, cottonseed and rapeseed (canola) oil, soy (all products), “golden” rice, zucchini & yellow squash, tomatoes, corn, white potatoes, sugar beets according to various sources.
  3. and… ranchers and dairy farmers normally feed cattle a GM diet, which is in turn passed on to you when you drink milk or eat beef. US Wellness Meats sells quality grassland meat products – Visit us Online!

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