Treat Mom to a Healthy Brunch!

Us mom’s work really hard to make sure we give our families our best. But where are we going to find the energy for this if we aren’t giving our bodies the genuine building blocks they need, or have way too many environmental stresses dragging us down?

Personally, and as a somewhat biased mom, I advocate for Mother’s day about 365 days a year. Fathers day too (I’m not gender biased mind you ;-). And for that matter, children’s day too.

I’m only somewhat joking. Shouldn’t every day be a celebration of family? What if every day we found one special thing that we could do for each of our loved ones?Goji Cacao Energy Balls

One of those things can be to take the extra time to give your body the food it needs and eliminate the “anti-foods” it doesn’t need so that you can find the energy to do all those things you love. The patients we see in our office every day are on the path to this and you can be do. Chronic Family Fatigue hasn’t yet been voted into having its own diagnosis code, but it is very real and caused by improper  — and family-wide — nutritional habits.

So if you are looking for a special way to treat mom, or dad, or simply put your best foot forward. Just try some of the delicious ideas on this blog.

Lasagna, wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-freeToday’s recipe: Garden Vegetable Quiche, is just great with slices of peaches or nectarines and berries.

There are recipes that our children love for snacks. Try: Goji Cacao Energy Balls, my son’s favorite.

And there is comfort food: Lasagna, Gnocchi and more.

Happy Mother’s day, Father’s day, and Children’s day. And enjoy health and the energy that goes with it.


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