Greetings Healthy Friends!

Perhaps at no time in history have Americans eaten so poorly and had so many health issues while at the same time being bombarded by messages to have more of this or that and less of the otherfor health reasons.

Unfortunately, most of these ideas are driven by corporate marketing and not sound nutrition advice. Our bodies must be given what they uniquely need to support life, health, and maintain their energetic balance. We have tipped the scales out of balance and are paying for this with our health, quality of life and enormous medical costs.

Our consumption of sugar has increased nearly 1000-fold since a 1923 US Farmers Bulletin recommended one pound of sugar per person per day. The experts are right, we do need to dramatically reduce our sugar consumption given its negative affects on behavior and health. Yet we continue to find sugar added to everything on the store shelves, even “plain” organic chicken broth!!

Our consumption of commercialized food; especially that made with wheat, corn, soy, fructose and trans-fat places an enormous strain on our thyroid, digestive and immune systems. Yet each of these has been promoted for “health reasons” at one time or another.

The recipes that follow are our gift to help you continue to enjoy foodthey contain ingredients that pass the Nutrition Response Test with most people in our practice. We’ve also included reasons why we selected these ingredients and other thoughts. Many of them include suggestions that will accommodate dairy-free or other dietary restrictions. Please add your comments when you modify a recipe and make it better, or even more suitable for your own needs.

We are all unique and with unique bodies and personal preferences. Let’s cast off the things that our neighbors, media, advertising, fads and beyond are telling us and learn some health truths and healthier eating together.

I hope you enjoy this site. I’ll be posting new recipes weekly, so come back often.

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